Do you have a professionally-designed business website but with very low traffic?

Many business owners with websites do feel frustrated with their online ventures because they cannot seem to pull visitors to their site. Most online venturers, especially the inexperienced ones, think that the functionality and professional-looking designs of their website, along with physical real world promotions, are enough to gain online recognition. Unfortunately, that is not the case. One should present their websites all over the web to eventually get non-targeted and targeted traffic.

The upside to this is that it may not cost you. You can opt for free promotional internet activities of making links. What I am referring to is the act of "link building". Link building is simply what it is named after - building links all over the web. It is perhaps the easiest way of promoting one's website. Link building is a proven practice that can help you add traffic to your site. Yet, there are techniques that are just more effective because like everything else there is always a better way of doing things. There is such thing as smart link building, so-so link building, and yes, even a destructive one.

How does link building work and how it can add traffic to your site?

There are actually two ways that a good practice of link building can add traffic to your site.

The first one is actually making lots and lots of links so that at a certain point a particular web user will end up to your site because of the mere abundance of links towards your site. This is perhaps the crudest rationale of the practice.

I am sure that you already understand that the World Wide Web is an entity of interlinking information on the internet. It is primarily the reason why its called "the web" because of the countless interconnections of nodes. Do I have to explain why it's called the "internet"?. Perhaps not.

The links are clickable items you see on the web that will direct you to other sites, pages, or any location on the web. In link building, you basically put this links directing to your site in various strategic places. If you are doing things correctly, your inbound links will be clicked more often and you will get more traffic.

The second way is much more sophisticated but also involves the first aspect of link building. However, this time we take search engines into consideration. This is what you call SEO link building and this is a practice with search engine optimization in mind. Keywords are now carefully employed in this link building practice and it is not putting links in just any location you land, rather, it's about putting the right keywords in the links and taking into account the website to put your links in.

Strategy and technique plays a major part in this type of link building and it would be best to have a professional do it as you can potentially jeopardize your website with link building malpractices. SEO-trained link builders know where and how to put links in respect to your niche. They know which websites can harm your SEO chances when you put your links in them. They have also mastered the different techniques and ethics such as "netiquette", social bookmarking, directory submissions, article submissions, commenting and so on. With their expertise, your traffic will have favorable steady traffic.
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